Five Major Oil Spills in History


A representation in cubic meters of the amount of oil spilled in five major oil disasters in history. Based in information collected from Wikipedia and other online resources. These are five of the largest oil spills in world history represented by a cube in comparison to the statue of liberty.

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This cube represents five major oil spills
from 1979 to 2010 in cubic meters.

Atlantic Empress, 1979
Trinidad and Tobago,
West Indies.
Ixtoc I, Oil Well, 1980
Bay of Campeche,
Odyssey Oil Spill, 1988
Nova Scotia, Canada.
Gulf War, 1991
Deepwater Horizon 2010
Mexican Gulf

*m x m x m = m ³

Oil Spilled
Oil Spilled
Oil Spilled
Oil Spilled
Oil Spilled
Oil Spilled

The initial cube represents a square of 54 cubic meters which should be enough to partially fill a stadium with oil.